Fabulous Re-purpose: Formula-Tins-Turned-Crayon-Holders

S26 Gold Formula (Milk)
A Tin of Formula

My son recently graduated from taking formula. He was addicted to the milk. If we could get back all he money spent on formula, I’d take up a mortgage.

I had tons of these tins left over, and decided to re-purpose them as pencil and crayon holders for my daughter.


My daughter and I had a blast making this one…

Re-purposed Formula Tin
Formula Tin Re-purposed into a glammed-up pencil or crayon holder. With glitter to boot!

My favorite can is a pink polka-dot gift paper wrap. It looked fabulous! (Sadly I didn’t take pictures of that one.)

You can pretty much use any cheap wrapping paper to achieve the finishing you want.

All you need for this uber-simple project is paper, a glue stick and any decor of your choice (optional). Oh..you will also need measuring tape and a pencil for an accurate fit.

Be sure not to use up too much glue, to avoid unsightly smudges.

And you are done!


You can also glam up the inside of the can to give it an much, much better look!

Re-purposed formula can
The inside is dressed up with confetti and even more glitter.





Gold Dipped Dining Seats

Stuff you’ll need:

  • 2 Litres of paint, texture of your choice (I went with Vinyl Silk)
  • Gold Spray Paint, 2 cans
  • Gold Spray
  • Painter’s tape
  • Exact-o-Knife
  • Painter’s sheet or whatever you choose to cover the ground and parts of the chair.

I got this fabulous idea off the honeybearlane website.

Snapshots from the honeybearlane website
Images courtesy of http://www.honeybearlane.com

I absolutely love what she did with these gold dipped bar stools.

I’ve pulled the gold-dipped stunt before, back when I’d painted my chairs blue..


I just moved in to my house, that’s wall-to-wall carpeted with a maroon rug. I figured it would be pretty cool to have my dining set in the maroon and gold dipped color to give my dining room that oomph I was looking for.

So with the Crown Paints’ Carriage Red in tow and a couple of Abro 18-Karat Gold spray cans in hand, I got to work!


I sanded down the pink and blue combination I’d painted about four months ago (..this dining set has seen a myriad of experiments!)

It was sad to say goodbye to this beautiful work I’d done, but I was hungry for a new look;

Take your seats outside and carefully unscrew all the little screws holding your seat-cushion. Put them somewhere carefully because you will need them once your painting project is complete.

Put the seat cover far away from your paint job to avoid permanent stains along the way.


Apply the first coat.

Do not dilute the paint too much or you’ll be there for quite a while! Thin paint will need more coats to get the perfect finish.

The amount of time required in between coats is an average of 2 hours, however your tin of paint has all the instructions you will need. I gave each coat about four hours just to make sure I have a nice, hard surface to repaint on.

Now just a little head’s up:

Painting chairs is not as simple as it may seem. The many corners and creeks demand attention.

After three coats; my chairs looked something like this:


Next, take each chair, one at a time, placing them on a firm surface, up-side-down.


I used my daughter’s old plastic table that I was going to dispose off. If you’re using a valuable table, please cover it with an old sheet, painter’s sheet or a disposable cloth to prevent staining. Same goes for the ground you are painting on! (I didn’t worry about my floor because it was about to get painted shortly after.)

Next up, we want to seal off the bottom sections of the leg that we are going to dip in gold.

Gold-dipping is not actually what it sounds like; it’s basically getting that golden look by using metallic spray paint.

We’re going to tape off the section that’s going to be sprayed, to get a fine line and avoid spilling into the part we don’t want sprayed.

When using tape (we unfortunately don’t have quality painter’s tape in Kenya), there is the risk of the tape ripping of your hard work, along the areas taped. The tape is very sticky and not paint-friendly.

What I do before-hand is wrap my arm with tape, to remove most of that stickiness before wrapping my chair.


Now, I know it looks silly, and it stings some, if your hands are hairy – LOL!

You can wrap the tape around your skin tights or paint apron….these are purely my ideas.

I’d love to hear the ideas you come up with!

Next off, take your tape-measure and measure the length you wish to “dip”.

I measured 6 inches and sealed it off.

You might also want to seal of the other parts of the chair to prevent the gold from spilling all over your other painted areas. I took a risk because I was feeling lazy 🙂


Take your can of spray and shake it to the moon and back. There’s many brands to fit all budgets, but to get a good shine, pick a quality spray.


To prevent build up and an ugly smudged look once the spray paint has dried, you must make sure the contents of the spray are well-distributed (hence shaking to the moon and back..) and you must follow the instructions on the can down to the last full stop.

Holding the can 6 inches away from the leg of the chair, spray out the gold in a steady motion, going up and down. You have to paint each leg from 4 different angles. Remember to keep it steady.

Give the spray some time to dry before you go over it with a last coat.

I like spray paints because they dry up fast and rarely need more than a coat or two to give you a good finish. Plus, its faster than painting!

Once you’re done and dry, carefully peel off the tape.

Screw back the cushion under the seat.

You should have something like this:

Maroon & Gold Dipped Dining Seats. Courtesy of @hashtagdiy


Don’t worry if the maroon paint came off a little with the tape; simply lather a very thin layer of any oil around the sprayed line. Tape half an inch down the lightly oiled spray painted line and paint the maroon color. Use undiluted paint to avoid going over it again.

Then, ever so gently, peel off the tape slowly, for your stunning reveal! (Wipe off any oil with a dry, clean cloth)

And there you have it!

What colors are you toying around with, to get that gold dipped look?

A little somethin’ somethin’ for my diva daughter

I’ve written about my house painting project in previous articles; I ended up with an impromptu painting and upholstering project in my hands and I enjoyed every moment of it.

I’ve documented the journey in different pieces of my article, to inspire anyone playing around with the thoughts of delving into the exciting world of DIY.


Today I’m über excited to show you the before and after pictures of my daughter’s room!

She’s 6 now, and slowly outgrowing this ‘pink, pink, everything pink’ childhood fanaticism, with thanks to my subtle nudges to consider the other beautiful colours the world has to offer out there!

In a bid to surprise her, I opted to surprise her with a fresh new look. I needed a bright yet subtle colour tone. I wanted the room to embrace, not intimidate.

Red on black background
Bold Red…Courtesy of Theodore W. Gray

I like red, but I’ve seen a lot of red rooms.

Bold Orange
A splash of orange

Orange bedrooms, equally abound.

My unconventional nature was pleading for a rare shade; maybe orange meets red, I thought.

It was after going through every colour swatch and browsing through hundreds of shades, that I found a colour which resonated with the look and feel I anticipated.

A sweet yet sultry orange-red…love love!

Blow a kiss to ‘Hot Spice 2011-30′ courtesy of Benjamin Moore! You’re allowed to drool.

We unfortunately don’t have a Benjamin Moore retail franchise locally – yet. Maybe one day i’ll bring it home…with a line of my own radical paints and fabulous finishes. Like affordable neon paints.. Or eco-friendly indoor metallic.. don’t even get me started!

With the colour tone firmly engraved in my mind, I was able to shop for the best colour match I could find locally.

Crown Paints came close, with an accent I found closest to the Benjamin Moore’s Hot Spice accent.

With 4 litres in hand and a crazy zeal to see the finish before I’d even begun I was good to start! I took my paint home, grabbed my roller, rolled up my sleeves and put that liquid baby to work!

Maya's Room: Orange-Red
An angled snapshot of Maya’s room…still under renovation

The orange-red tone unleashes a burst of sunshine and happiness..you can’t be moody when you’re in there! There is no snapshot that gives justice to the actual colour you get to see with the naked eye.

Looking at the ceiling (in the snapshot), you would think used off-white, but its purely the radiance of the room spilling into everything within its radius. Even the corridor appears to have a subtle orange-red hue, when the sun is out.

Once the colour dried and the excitement settled in, it was time to glam up the room. I put on my DIY gloves, opting to use random stuff we already had in the house.

Beyond painting, I had some inexpensive ideas to decorate her room. All I was thinking for my 6 year old was, ‘Glam meets cheap!’

Upcycled DVD’s

I took advantage of all the old, scratched up DVDs and put good use to them!

Old DVDs upcycled to wall art for Maya’s room

I simply polished the back shiny side of them and stuck them up the top end of the wall, in a neat row. I used two fingers to separate the DVDs and get an equal distant space in-between.

As if the new colour didn’t bring on the sun’s light…these DVDs gave the room a whole new level of oomph!

I stumbled upon this random party hat in Nakumatt for about 150 bob. Stuck it up right next to some ‘LOVE’ stickers she’d already had (got these at Naivas for about 250 bob a while back..).

Love & the Party Hat
It cost about 400 bob for this wall-look for Maya’s bedroom.

In my next article, I’ll show you how I upgraded her bed’s look, from casual wood to a purple bed with gold-dipped poles!

Meanwhile be sure to drop your comments on Maya’s room. I’d love to hear all the opinions running through your mind right now!


The Pics are in! My Dining set upholster reveal

So, my last entry described my dining set – simple black – and prepared you for it’s new look. Here are the before and after pictures.. The table and seats, plain black (before):

20131123-125417.jpg And, finally, after a ga-zillion color remakes! This is how it looks now:

20131123-125601.jpg Well!? A hit or a miss? I’m amused that I settled for pink, considering I’m not particularly a pink kind of chic. I’m more inclined to earth tones, burnt rich colors and eclectic tones. My daughter is the inspiration behind this. She’s a pink-purple glitter diva. So she can enjoy the table. For two weeks or so. Before I go all Marangi on it! I really had a great time playing with different color combinations on this dining set!

20131123-131209.jpg Got to say though, sanding and smoothing out the table and chairs was so NOT fun. That’s one element of DIY I don’t enjoy – at all. I had to sand my walls before I painted my house, it wasn’t even funny. Doesn’t work for impatient persons such as myself.




Waiting out the ‘primers’ season’ (above) is also a patience-trying season. I used two different primers, for two different reasons; – When upholstering wood, it’s absolutely essential to ‘treat’ the wood with a wood-primer, because in the process of sanding, you strip off the primer originally sealed in and your furniture becomes vulnerable to rot, wood-loving vermins, stuff like that. – After 24-48 hours of treating my wood, I applied a base primer, because I was going to use a different texture of paint. The dining set originally had black glossy paint on; I intended to use silk. Without a primer, it’s likely that the new layer of pain will either look runny, or will chip in no time. A base primer absorbs the oil in the glossy texture and fully absorbs any new coats of paint. The white paint on the chairs (above) have one coat of base primer. It’s recommended to apply two thin coats of base primer, with 12-24 hours in-between coats. Wot! I was so eager to smear paint all over those babies. Finally, I did! And boy did I work it! I tried silk paints, matte finishes, a dash of metallic (that stuff is darn expensive) and you guessed it, spray paints!


How I transformed my dining table from black and boring to a visual feast!

My ever-transforming dining set!

My dining table was a basic black four-seater with cream cushioning.
I didn’t mind it much – it had a cute look, and the oval glass at the center of it added to its subtle attraction.
But then!
My painting frenzy got the best of me and I couldn’t quite resist the urge to play around with it!
The poor thing!
It has seen a myriad of colors!
I’ve painted it white, grey, dark blue, vanilla, went back to black for a minute, gave it a distressed look (that was a finishing I actually liked..)

Formula tin repurpose ideas

My toddler is a formula addict and I always have an empty can in my hand every two to three days.
While surfing around for some DIY inspo, I stumbled onto beautiful up cycling projects for formula tins.
I decided to hoard on to a few cans and try a few t

How cute is that?
Check out others on my pin interest diy board *here*{pin interest page}
D’u wanna do this?
Grab your empty formula can and let’s whip up a cute crayon tin for our little lovelies *here*{diy link:ilivelovediy page}
Did you like what you made?
You can always go back to the *tutorial*{link again} to trace back your sties and perfect your skills.
Send me pictures of what you made? *link to twitter/web page/email etc*

My living room upholster: ashamedly unplugged

I’m about to unleash – on the World Wide Web – one of my most embarrassing life situations.
My recent ex-furniture..

!PICTURE 1: Layout image of old seats. Reduce brightness

I know. Yuck. Eew. Gross. Whatever.
What human being can get so comfortable to not even realize her furniture has aged to the point of near-rottenness!?
And my poor kids. They had to sit on those—things!
The color tone has over the years transformed from luscious golden to poop-like brown.
This is how they looked in the first years..


I bought this cute n’ cozy 5-seater in 2007, when I was pregnant with my first child.
I loved my seats – they illuminated my apartment space!

However, 6 years and two kids later, they have disintegrated into tired, sagging fat ragbags – and all the while, it never quite hit me how bad my furniture looked.


The front part looks like a hanging lip.
Every time I think of all the guests I’ve had in my home, completely oblivious to the embarrassment my seats were to my home, I hang my head.

Honestly, i knew that my living room as a whole was due for an upgrade, but I was comfortable.
I get comfortable very easily.
Being a work-at-home mum for the last couple of years, you can easily blend into the daily routine and the daily visuals. As far as I was concerned, there was no hurry. It was just another agenda on my very long, “one day” to-list.
So when a friend of mine boldly told me off and demanded I buy new seats – and went as far as to question my mental state in order to justify how I could live like this—whoa.
Let’s just say it was a welcome eye opener.
The sheers finally fell off my eyes and saw my seats for what they trully were.
And with a gasp, a hot tear and a resolve to show my friend I’m no trailer girl, I set of to replace or upholster my seats!

On my next entry, I will let you in on my much needed, refreshing journey of tearing up the old and ‘wearing in’ of the new.
And what a refreshing sight, my new seats; ooh!
I’m talking of a complete overhaul.
Totally different color. Like, the other side of the color wheel.
Totally different fabric. Somebody say leather baby! Whoop!
I even went ahead and mixed two colors, when the primary color ran out – even at the fabric store!
I can’t wait to show it to you.
See you on the other side!


My DIY, Recycle & Upholster Journal.

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