Pin-interest inspiration!

I stumbled into pin interest last year, and with all the social media platforms erupting by the hour, I didn’t get it.
Right now, the pin-interest applications for iPad and iPhone sit squarely on the first pages of my screens.
I LOVE pin-interest. I get to meet a myriad of like minded individuals: we communicate with images that resonate with who we are.
With pin interest, there’s limited chatting. The pictures do the talking. Each images speaks more than a thousand words.
When I started to realize what a knack I had for DIY, I googled related content and was pleasantly mesmerized by the home makeovers and upholster projects. I was even more surprised to see that it was more of a women’s thing, especially in the US.
Take a look at the website here for a glimpse – no, a visual feast into a web world of all things and a community that bonds through imagery.

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