My living room upholster: ashamedly unplugged

I’m about to unleash – on the World Wide Web – one of my most embarrassing life situations.
My recent ex-furniture..

!PICTURE 1: Layout image of old seats. Reduce brightness

I know. Yuck. Eew. Gross. Whatever.
What human being can get so comfortable to not even realize her furniture has aged to the point of near-rottenness!?
And my poor kids. They had to sit on those—things!
The color tone has over the years transformed from luscious golden to poop-like brown.
This is how they looked in the first years..


I bought this cute n’ cozy 5-seater in 2007, when I was pregnant with my first child.
I loved my seats – they illuminated my apartment space!

However, 6 years and two kids later, they have disintegrated into tired, sagging fat ragbags – and all the while, it never quite hit me how bad my furniture looked.


The front part looks like a hanging lip.
Every time I think of all the guests I’ve had in my home, completely oblivious to the embarrassment my seats were to my home, I hang my head.

Honestly, i knew that my living room as a whole was due for an upgrade, but I was comfortable.
I get comfortable very easily.
Being a work-at-home mum for the last couple of years, you can easily blend into the daily routine and the daily visuals. As far as I was concerned, there was no hurry. It was just another agenda on my very long, “one day” to-list.
So when a friend of mine boldly told me off and demanded I buy new seats – and went as far as to question my mental state in order to justify how I could live like this—whoa.
Let’s just say it was a welcome eye opener.
The sheers finally fell off my eyes and saw my seats for what they trully were.
And with a gasp, a hot tear and a resolve to show my friend I’m no trailer girl, I set of to replace or upholster my seats!

On my next entry, I will let you in on my much needed, refreshing journey of tearing up the old and ‘wearing in’ of the new.
And what a refreshing sight, my new seats; ooh!
I’m talking of a complete overhaul.
Totally different color. Like, the other side of the color wheel.
Totally different fabric. Somebody say leather baby! Whoop!
I even went ahead and mixed two colors, when the primary color ran out – even at the fabric store!
I can’t wait to show it to you.
See you on the other side!


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