The Pics are in! My Dining set upholster reveal

So, my last entry described my dining set – simple black – and prepared you for it’s new look. Here are the before and after pictures.. The table and seats, plain black (before):

20131123-125417.jpg And, finally, after a ga-zillion color remakes! This is how it looks now:

20131123-125601.jpg Well!? A hit or a miss? I’m amused that I settled for pink, considering I’m not particularly a pink kind of chic. I’m more inclined to earth tones, burnt rich colors and eclectic tones. My daughter is the inspiration behind this. She’s a pink-purple glitter diva. So she can enjoy the table. For two weeks or so. Before I go all Marangi on it! I really had a great time playing with different color combinations on this dining set!

20131123-131209.jpg Got to say though, sanding and smoothing out the table and chairs was so NOT fun. That’s one element of DIY I don’t enjoy – at all. I had to sand my walls before I painted my house, it wasn’t even funny. Doesn’t work for impatient persons such as myself.




Waiting out the ‘primers’ season’ (above) is also a patience-trying season. I used two different primers, for two different reasons; – When upholstering wood, it’s absolutely essential to ‘treat’ the wood with a wood-primer, because in the process of sanding, you strip off the primer originally sealed in and your furniture becomes vulnerable to rot, wood-loving vermins, stuff like that. – After 24-48 hours of treating my wood, I applied a base primer, because I was going to use a different texture of paint. The dining set originally had black glossy paint on; I intended to use silk. Without a primer, it’s likely that the new layer of pain will either look runny, or will chip in no time. A base primer absorbs the oil in the glossy texture and fully absorbs any new coats of paint. The white paint on the chairs (above) have one coat of base primer. It’s recommended to apply two thin coats of base primer, with 12-24 hours in-between coats. Wot! I was so eager to smear paint all over those babies. Finally, I did! And boy did I work it! I tried silk paints, matte finishes, a dash of metallic (that stuff is darn expensive) and you guessed it, spray paints!


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