Fabulous Re-purpose: Formula-Tins-Turned-Crayon-Holders

S26 Gold Formula (Milk)
A Tin of Formula

My son recently graduated from taking formula. He was addicted to the milk. If we could get back all he money spent on formula, I’d take up a mortgage.

I had tons of these tins left over, and decided to re-purpose them as pencil and crayon holders for my daughter.


My daughter and I had a blast making this one…

Re-purposed Formula Tin
Formula Tin Re-purposed into a glammed-up pencil or crayon holder. With glitter to boot!

My favorite can is a pink polka-dot gift paper wrap. It looked fabulous! (Sadly I didn’t take pictures of that one.)

You can pretty much use any cheap wrapping paper to achieve the finishing you want.

All you need for this uber-simple project is paper, a glue stick and any decor of your choice (optional). Oh..you will also need measuring tape and a pencil for an accurate fit.

Be sure not to use up too much glue, to avoid unsightly smudges.

And you are done!


You can also glam up the inside of the can to give it an much, much better look!

Re-purposed formula can
The inside is dressed up with confetti and even more glitter.





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