Getting Started


I’m Aidah, and until four months ago, I didn’t know I had a single creative bone in me.

I’m pretty basic when it comes to fashion, decor and stuff like that.

My fashion outlook went as far as getting my body covered up!

If my clothing had a little style to it, good; moving on. As long as I was adequately covered, the colors matched and i looked decent, i was good to go.

I’ve lived in several apartments, right before we settled into our current bungalow.

As long as my living room had seats to sit on, a dining table to put food on and lockable doors, my house was fully furnished.

My walls have never had so much as a calendar on them. My walls have always been white. If there was any extra colour, it was from crayons with thanks to my kids.

I had it simple.

As I now see it, painfully simple.

It all started when I got a painter to touch up the walls which were now chipping; in the process of a dramatic transformation i was going through at the time, I thought my life – and my walls – needed some real color!

We went paint shopping and i bedazzled myself with all the bold, spontaneous colour-decisions I made! I kept thinking “who am I and where is the real, plain old me?!”

I can’t deny that i was excited though, those liquid bursts of colour marked a new beginning that was long overdue!

When the painter got started, he took to the ceiling, coming down the tall walls of the corridors and stair case—all the while, I watched him from the start, staring at my walls transform with the mere stroke of a colour soaked brush.

Then my mind started playing that add my Crown, the world of colours ad, with the black and beautiful model adding life to everything she touched…thinking how everything came alive.

Long and short, I wanted to be that girl at that moment! I thought, it must be so cool to be able to do that. To influence that change.

I stared to play around with the “painter’s” different shades of paint, slightly dipping  two brushes in two different tins and mixing the colours on old newspapers to come up with different shades…

And, Oh my Word! The thrill! What a kick!  I was like a giddy little kid. I went crazy mixing different stuff.

The greatest mistake that painter made was giving me his brush to paint one corner of the wall.

That was it!

I paid him and sent him off! I was left all alone, with tons of lush colour..and plain white walls begging to be adorned!

So hours later, post-shopping at a hardware shop (me! in a hardware! lol!), and with shiny new roller brushes, a cute ladder and paint brushes every size you can imagine,  I got to work!

My life has never been the same.

It took s.e.v.e.n weeks to paint my house. I kid you not!

Hats off to my painter! I have a new respect for the profession.

It is n.o.t funny, especially when you’re an amateur like my nosy self – and you are impatient, once again, like my self.

But i will say, it was seven weeks of life transformation. Not to mention, my house is looking crazy good! I say so myself!

It was messy, I wasted plenty of paint and did i mention how messy it was?

But with my newly toned arms and my renewed life in colour, I’m cheering forward to new things and sharing it all the while!

I can’t say much has changed where my tired fashion statement is concerned, but we’ll take it, one miracle at a time!

– A.

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