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A little somethin’ somethin’ for my diva daughter

I’ve written about my house painting project in previous articles; I ended up with an impromptu painting and upholstering project in my hands and I enjoyed every moment of it.

I’ve documented the journey in different pieces of my article, to inspire anyone playing around with the thoughts of delving into the exciting world of DIY.


Today I’m über excited to show you the before and after pictures of my daughter’s room!

She’s 6 now, and slowly outgrowing this ‘pink, pink, everything pink’ childhood fanaticism, with thanks to my subtle nudges to consider the other beautiful colours the world has to offer out there!

In a bid to surprise her, I opted to surprise her with a fresh new look. I needed a bright yet subtle colour tone. I wanted the room to embrace, not intimidate.

Red on black background
Bold Red…Courtesy of Theodore W. Gray

I like red, but I’ve seen a lot of red rooms.

Bold Orange
A splash of orange

Orange bedrooms, equally abound.

My unconventional nature was pleading for a rare shade; maybe orange meets red, I thought.

It was after going through every colour swatch and browsing through hundreds of shades, that I found a colour which resonated with the look and feel I anticipated.

A sweet yet sultry orange-red…love love!

Blow a kiss to ‘Hot Spice 2011-30′ courtesy of Benjamin Moore! You’re allowed to drool.

We unfortunately don’t have a Benjamin Moore retail franchise locally – yet. Maybe one day i’ll bring it home…with a line of my own radical paints and fabulous finishes. Like affordable neon paints.. Or eco-friendly indoor metallic.. don’t even get me started!

With the colour tone firmly engraved in my mind, I was able to shop for the best colour match I could find locally.

Crown Paints came close, with an accent I found closest to the Benjamin Moore’s Hot Spice accent.

With 4 litres in hand and a crazy zeal to see the finish before I’d even begun I was good to start! I took my paint home, grabbed my roller, rolled up my sleeves and put that liquid baby to work!

Maya's Room: Orange-Red
An angled snapshot of Maya’s room…still under renovation

The orange-red tone unleashes a burst of sunshine and happiness..you can’t be moody when you’re in there! There is no snapshot that gives justice to the actual colour you get to see with the naked eye.

Looking at the ceiling (in the snapshot), you would think used off-white, but its purely the radiance of the room spilling into everything within its radius. Even the corridor appears to have a subtle orange-red hue, when the sun is out.

Once the colour dried and the excitement settled in, it was time to glam up the room. I put on my DIY gloves, opting to use random stuff we already had in the house.

Beyond painting, I had some inexpensive ideas to decorate her room. All I was thinking for my 6 year old was, ‘Glam meets cheap!’

Upcycled DVD’s

I took advantage of all the old, scratched up DVDs and put good use to them!

Old DVDs upcycled to wall art for Maya’s room

I simply polished the back shiny side of them and stuck them up the top end of the wall, in a neat row. I used two fingers to separate the DVDs and get an equal distant space in-between.

As if the new colour didn’t bring on the sun’s light…these DVDs gave the room a whole new level of oomph!

I stumbled upon this random party hat in Nakumatt for about 150 bob. Stuck it up right next to some ‘LOVE’ stickers she’d already had (got these at Naivas for about 250 bob a while back..).

Love & the Party Hat
It cost about 400 bob for this wall-look for Maya’s bedroom.

In my next article, I’ll show you how I upgraded her bed’s look, from casual wood to a purple bed with gold-dipped poles!

Meanwhile be sure to drop your comments on Maya’s room. I’d love to hear all the opinions running through your mind right now!